Regenetarians Unite!

seed growing oil

Dr. Bronner’s awesome blog post about regenerative agriculture. It’s long but so worth the read! “Ultimately we, the eaters, are the ones who feed the machine. We should take responsibility to rebalance the cycle of life and death in the natural world, reenter the natural rhythms and connection with the Earth, and make sure our

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Interview: Setting the Standard for CBD-Hemp

Interview of Brandon Beatty, founder of Bluebird Botanicals with the Kentucky Hempster – “After working with Bluebird Botanicals this past year, it’s clear as to why the company has quickly emerged as a world-leading provider of hemp extracts and CBD products. The mission-driven, health-inspired company culture, combined with the highest quality cannabinoid-rich products, has created

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Cannabis As Superfood

Vegetables superfood future

Cannabis as a superfood In 1753, a Scottish surgeon by the name of James Lind proved that scurvy could be effectively cured with citrus juice. By drinking plenty of lemonade over the course of a two-week long treatment, his patients would fully recover from the fatigue, sores and bleeding typically inflicted by this malady, which

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