About us

We are CannabisOil.ie the best supplier of cannabidiol (CBD) oils in Ireland — completely natural supplements sourced from low-level THC hemp. We have curated only the finest selection of CBD products that are packed with benefits in our well priced CBD store. So that you are able to incorporate them into your own daily and dietary routines for an alternative and easy-to-manage take on wellbeing. Whether to relax or remedy – or better still, both, our CBD Oils are the perfect legal alternative to raw Cannabis Oil and can be easily ordered from our store today.

Ranging from oils and capsules to balms and sprays and everything in between, our products are diverse in how they come but unified in how they are made. What we sell is strictly GMO-free, organic, vegan and 100 percent natural with every ingredient extracted from organic hemp within the EU and USA. Our protected plants are all handpicked, sunshade-dried, naturally crushed and processed in bespoke, watertight vessels with absolutely no risk of contamination.

Bluebird Botanicals was the perfect supplier that answered all our questions and demonstrated a consistent record of producing the highest quality full spectrum hemp oils. With every batch made public, they were being tested by an independent ISO/IEC 17025 certified laboratory ensuring consistency and quality (you can find further details on this here). More recently they enhanced their already superb transparency even further. They have launched a unique industry leading quality assurance system which allows every customer to check their bottle against the actual test certificates online via their batch/lot system.

This is hugely important to both us and the public because without boring you about the intricacies of what is involved in producing a quality hemp extract, it’s not that simple. It requires skill, expertise, consistency and experience to extract a nutritious full spectrum cannabinoid-rich hemp extract. Hemp extracts nourish our body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS helps regulate several other functions in our bodies such as the nervous, digestive, reproductive, immunological, endocrine system amongst others. All vertebrates have an ECS, not just humans, but also animals, hence our oils are becoming a popular pet food supplement too. The ECS is active in everyone, from before you are born to our last day here on earth.

When you buy our products we can ensure;

No high or mind-altering effects. Feel cool and calm.
No fuzziness. Maintain control.
No law-breaking. Enjoy it safe in this knowledge.
No exceptions – experience positive effects with every single product.