Dennis Hill: A CBD Cannabis Oil User’s Story

cannabis oil for pain

‘Cannabis Oil For Pain’

Dennis was born in Houston Texas. He holds a biochemistry degree from the University of Houston. He attended post graduate studies at Baylor Medical School, Department of Physiology. Dennis worked in cancer research at M.D. Anderson hospital for ten years, and in hospital administration for another ten years after completing his M.B.A. studies at St. Edwards University, Houston. Dennis moved to California in 1993 to work in software engineering. He is currently working on software projects and teaching meditation.

This is what Dennis had to say about his journey with CBD oil;

Three years ago, after a prostate biopsy, I was given the diagnosis of aggressive Stage III adenocarcinoma. I didn’t know what to do. The urologist made appointments for me to start radiation, and maybe chemo. Then a friend told me cannabis cures cancer. It just so happened that the first human trials of cannabis treatment of astrocytomas (inoperable brain cancer), were published with encouraging results. So I decided; rather than die from the medical treatment, I would do the cannabis cure. Now… where to get some.

There was no dispensary in the area, but a friend made me cannabis butter, so I took that, up to tolerance. In three months the primary cancer was gone, only minor metastatic lesions were left. At that point, I found a supplier for Rick Simpson oil and killed off the metastases in the next three months. Now I just take a maintenance dose of locally produced hash oil that is 1:1 THC:CBD with about a 30% potency. This will certainly keep me clear of cancer, anywhere, for ever.

My point in telling this story is the fact that in the face of advanced aggressive cancer, all I had was very weak cannabutter, but it was enough to eliminate the primary tumor. Now there are strains of 95% THC. But is this necessary? If you have cancer and want to pursue the cannabis treatment, any at all will be good. More important than extreme potency, is a balance between THC and CBD. If you can get high potency, great. If not, common potencies will work perfectly.

Finally, if you choose cannabinoid treatment, start small, then increase dosage as rapidly as tolerable. To kill cancer you have to hit it hard, be conscientious about your treatment. Cannabis does no harm to the body, it is a metabolic support for the immune system.


(Dennis’s medical reports)

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