Quality Control

CannaWell’s producer, the award-winning Bluebird Botanicals are located in Colorado, USA and have introduced a revolutionary Lot-Batch system that allows for full transparency and traceability of their hemp extract oils. CannaWell is the proud sole distributor of Bluebird Botanicals products in the UK and EU and we’re bringing the highest quality control standard in the industry to Europe!

Unlike any other hemp products on the market, every single bottle that we ship now has a full set of 3rd-party Certificates of Analysis associated with it to give our customers the peace of mind they deserve. The batch number can be found on the base of your oil bottle and with it you can go online and see its verified potency and purity credentials. Each set of testing includes a separate analysis for the cannabinoid profile, potential microbial life, mold, mildew, heavy metals, and pesticides. Uniquely, we can now guarantee that not one bottle leaves our door that hasn’t been tested to this full extent. So when you consume any of our hemp products you can now know EXACTLY what’s in it – no guesswork involved!

With CannaWell oils we can show that 100% of our hemp oil products contain what we claim and are as clean as a whistle, just as nature intended. Pure natural goodness.



1. Look at the bottom of your bottle for its batch number

2. Click on POTENCY and PURITY and enjoy the results !

3. Date in brackets shows date batch was made and use by/best before date.


Batch 0157 – Hemp BLEND – POTENCY & PURITY (Made April, 2017 – Best before April, 2018)

Batch 0155 – Hemp PURE – COVERPOTENCY & PURITY (Made 13 April, 2017 – Best before 13 April, 2018)

Batch 0145 – Hemp PURE – COVERPOTENCY & PURITY (Made 22 March, 2017 – Best before 22 March, 2018)

Batch 0144 – Hemp HeliAxa – COVERPOTENCY & PURITY (Made 15 March, 2017 – Best before 15 March, 2018)

Batch 0142 – Hemp PURE – COVERPOTENCY & PURITY and TERPENES (Made 9 March, 2017 – Best before 9 March, 2018)

Batch 0141 – Hemp BLEND – COVERPOTENCY & PURITY (Made 8 March, 2017 – Best before 8 March, 2018)

Batch 0140 – Hemp TOTAL – COVERPOTENCY & PURITY and TERPENES (Made 7 March, 2017 – Best before 7 March, 2018)

Batch 0137 – Hemp PURE – POTENCY & PURITY (Made 24 Feb, 2017 – Best before 24 Feb, 2018)

Batch 0134 – Hemp PURE – COVERPOTENCY & PURITY (Made 15 Feb, 2017 – Best before 15 Feb, 2018)

Batch 0132 – Hemp PURE – POTENCY & PURITY (Made 31 Jan, 2017 – Best before 31 Jan, 2018)


Last year Bluebird built a state-of-the-art laboratory where they do all of their manufacturing. Believe it or not, but that is an incredibly rare phenomenon in this industry. Because Bluebird perform all manufacturing in-house, they have full control over the process. Here are some shots of some recent action:

Piston Filling

Head Technician Luke Brigham bottling oils with the dual-piston auto-filler


CO2 Extraction

Bluebird’s Steven Ostrom (Head of Data & Analytics) and Brandon Beatty (Founder & CEO) configuring the Co2 extraction system.